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We are committed to changing the lives of our patients and the lives of our employees. We offer enrichment opportunities to learn, develop, and grow as healthcare professionals.

Professional Development

  • Monthly lecture series by leading experts in the field
  • Tuition and Continuing Education Reimbursement Assistance
  • Clinical supervision
  • Mentorship for rising managers in the company
  • Prioritization of promoting within
  • Rapidly growing organization with many of opportunities for advancement
  • Internship Programs
Our Team Approach

Our Team Approach

Our multidisciplinary teams include therapists, dietitians, nurses, physicians, advanced practitioners, and other recovery specialists, all experienced in providing proven and trusted eating disorder treatment. We provide a rewarding and enriching professional experience through the care we provide, relationships with clients and staff, learning and training opportunities, and our Monte Nido & Affiliates team approach.

“I have always loved the team aspect of working at Monte Nido & Affiliates. As a therapist (new or seasoned)you are surrounded by a team of professionals which include other disciplines, so not only are you learning from your colleagues but you're also not alone when treating a client. Most MNA programs include a group office which can sound overwhelming but walking into an office with my colleagues provides me with an overwhelming feeling of support & relief. You will have access to weekly group supervision led by the Clinical Director & a monthly CEU events to expand your skills & knowledge. MNA also provides employees with growth opportunities and wants to support their employees with their professional and clinical goals. Working at MNA allows you to engage in meaningful work & helps you grow as a clinician.”
-Colleen M., MS, Regional Director

Mental Health Counselors at MNA

“MNA is a terrific place to start your healthcare career because it gives you do much exposure to a unique patient population. No discipline spends more time our patients than the Mental Health Counselors and that hands on experience is tremendously valuable to start a career with. Additionally, for people early in their career who know they want to work with people but might not know exactly what direction they want, they get exposure working with several different disciplines that can help shape the next steps in their career and further education. For me personally, I feel fortunate to have found Walden. As an organization it helped me grow my career and expand my knowledge of the field further than I ever thought an entry level job could do, all while being able to leave at the end of the day knowing I’m making a difference.”
Joe C. , MHC Supervisor

Mental Health Counselors at MNA
Nursing at MNA

Nursing at MNA

“I love working with Monte Nido because of the connections I make with the clients. I enjoy being involved in their care and helping them heal and get closer to recovery. The impact that nursing has in this field is very special with how medically involved it is and being that advocate for those struggling with eating disorders and mental health gives me such a rewarding feeling at the end of the day.

When I was in nursing school, I never realized I could work at a place like Monte Nido! I feel like my voice is heard and valued here. I love working with a team of clinicians and like-minded healthcare professionals who are as passionate as Iam about making a difference in the clients under our care.

Working as a Nurse for Monte Nido & Affiliates feels like a dream job. The work-culture supports their employees’ growth and well-being, with tuition reimbursement opportunities and monthly training topics relevant to my field. I can practice as a nurse, retain my skills, and avoid burn-out that is common in other healthcare settings. Coming to work in a home-like environment and serving as an advocate for a diverse population of individuals gives me immense job satisfaction.”
Sarah S., RN, BSN, Consulting Nurse Manager

Dietitians at MNA

“Our dietitians say the best parts of their job are the homelike settings and the professional development and support—we get to work in warm and inviting settings, with a chef who loves to prepare home- cooked meals, and with a caring and collaborative staff. Nutrition professionals within MNA gather weekly in small groups to share cases, receive supervision, and have additional opportunities to obtain feedback throughout the week. Professional development with leading clinicians in the Eating Disorder field includes trauma informed nutrition care, individualized care, continuing education and RD supervision. Our Dietitians practice through a weight inclusive and trauma informed lens—seeing the whole person and not “just” the eating disorder.”
Beth H. , MS, RDN, CEDS-S, Dietitian

Dietitians at MNA

I have been a Recovery Coach at a Residential Treatment Center for over 1.5 years. I have to say that I truly feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to such an amazing place that promotes healing for those that are struggling with eating disorders, trauma, addictions, and mental health circumstances. I feel I'm finally at the place where I can strive and offer my experience while building a foundation of hope and achieving success that I never thought was possible. Working here at Monte Nido, I have learned so much from each client but also from the amazing staff here as well. I truly enjoy coming to work with a group of individuals who love being here like myself and supporting the clients that come through this beautiful home. I personally could not ask for a better work environment. I have personally grown as well, not only in learning about eating disorders/trauma and the behaviors surrounding them but how it impacts everyone that is involved. I am absolutely blessed to be a part of the healing process and I look forward to seeing our clients every day. It brings me joy seeing their growth, seeing them gain confidence and learn the building blocks of healing, body, mind, and spirit. I know it can be daunting and challenging for clients to be in this setting, but I do my best to share and offer them hope and peace of mind that they are in a safe and great place of healing and change. I never thought my journey would lead me here, that I would be so grateful to call this place my second home and I can't wait to see where it takes me.
Bear Tena, Recovery Coach

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